Top 8 Key Tips For Safe Surfing

Surfing is indeed one of the most adventurous water sports worldwide. We all know that surfing is an fun activity but what people do not know is that there are a lot of health benefits that surfing can give to you, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


We all know that surfing is a risky water activity, so always make sure to keep precautionary measures before going to the water. Being knowledgeable of what you are doing is way better than sorry.

To avoid yourself from any accident, here are the top 8 key tips for safe surfing:

  1. Never fight against the current.

Don’t ever try to put in your mind that you can control the water’s current because you’re are not. Always remember that paddling against the current is a pointless waste of energy. If you get carried away by the current, the best thing to do is to wait until it has passed, only then you’ll be able to reach the open sea once you regained your strength.

  1. Always wear sunblock.

Never underestimate the hazardous effect of sunlight. Overexposure to sunlight can give you skin cancer. Surfers always wear a blob of cream on their nose and cheeks. Also, they wear waterproof sunscreen, UV tops or otherwise a wetsuit. If you relax on the beach, make sure you do so under a parasol as the heat could result in sunstroke.

  1. Don’t force yourself.

Get out of the water straight away if you start feeling tired.  Being in the water or the waves, requires 100% focused. If you are starting to feel tired, slowly get out and leave the water. Take a breather on the shore. This recharges your batteries and body with enough liquids.

  1. Don’t get in the way of a surfer on a wave.

Always, always, avoid collisions. A surfer on a wave has planned his/her actions already regarding another who’s working his way up to the peak. According to, if you’re in this situation, you must paddle around the area where the wave breaks to ensure you’re well clear of the surfer in action. It goes without saying that even though he has priority, the surfer on the wave must still do everything possible to avoid any type of collision. This is yet another part of surfing priority rules.

  1. Drink plenty of liquids.

Have you ever felt a tightening right round your head? This is not headache, this is a sign of dehydration. Being in the sea doesn’t mean your body does not need water anymore. Your body loses water everytime it is in action, and when under the heat of the sun. You must hydrate yourself by drinking regularly when you go surfing.


To avoid accidents or unexpected challenges, stay tuned on weather forecast sites such as windguru or for beginners, surf-report or yadusurf. Stay aware of the protected spots (spots protected from the swell) around where you live. Being knowledgeable with this information, you’ll be able to choose a spot that is perfect for your level.


I understand how much of a pleasure it is for surfers to surf under the rain, but if it comes with thunder and lightning, get out of the water as quickly as possible. Don’t risk your life– storms are deadly especially in water. Always remember that lightning covers a range of 500 meters when it hit the water. If you’re within this area, you are putting your life at great danger. Always remember the seawater is a good conductor electricity. If you feel the weather is stormy, forget about going into the water.


Please, do everyone a favor, avoid surfing in a swimming area. If you do, you’ll put yourself in danger, including other people’s lives. There are designated areas for swimming and surfing. Learn how to identify those designated spots.

Always remember these key tips before surfing. Surfing is a fun activity, don’t do anything that can turn this fun activity into a bad experience. There are also more surfing tips that you can find on the internet if you want to learn more about it. Also, don’t forget to check everything before surfing.

Contact us if you have awesome tips of your own. Now, you are ready to surf. Enjoy!


Top 8 Amazing Benefits Of Surfing

Surfing has been around for centuries. It first star­ted when Polynesian fishers were looking for a way to get to the shore, and that is by catc­hing a speedy wave.  In some parts of the world, surfing has become one of the most popular sports and even become a definition of social status. In Hawaii, the longer is your surfboard, the more influential is the surfer to the community. Interesting, right?


Surfing is one of the surface water sports wherein the surfer rides on the deep face of a moving wave using a surfboard. People thought that surfing is applicable only on ocean waves, but what people do not know is that surfing waves can also be found in lakes and even in rivers. With today’s advanced technology, it allows surfers to surf on artificial waves that are created in an artificial wave pools.

Do you know that the natives of the Pacific, surfed waves on alaia, paipo, and other such craft, and did so on their belly and knees? Amazing, isn’t it? Unfortunately, millennials today just focus on surfing like riding a wave standing up on a surfboard which is called as stand-up surfing.

There are amazing benefits of surfing aside from enjoyment. Indeed, surfing is a fun recreational activity that has a culture all its own. But, surfing has an untold number of health and fitness benefits that people should know.


Here are the top 10 amazing untold benefits of surfing:

  1. Cardiovascular and heart benefits

Surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise. Surfers always use their upper body muscles for paddling. Also, leg muscles are used to guide the board once you’re up on the board. Due to the paddling work, this provides to the surfer’s upper body an intense and core workout. Take note; it’s never easy paddling against the waves. It demands a lot of effort.

  1. Mental health

Surfing is a fun activity. Aside from the physical benefits, surfing can also contribute to the betterment of your mental health. It helps you get rid of stress as you shift your focus on nature more when surfing.  It gives you the magical touch of nature which can eventually get rid of the negative energies out from your system.

  1. Vitamin D

Being out in the sun, especially early in the morning, helps surfers get vitamin D straight from the sunlight. Vitamin D is responsible for having strong bones; It regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. It also helps in regulating the growth of our skin cells.

  1. Better sleep

According to numerous studies, exercises such as surfing can help you have a better sleep at night. It claims to increase the positive benefits that sleep brings. The better sleep you get, the more time for your muscles to repair themselves. Having a good night sleep can affect your productivity on the following day. It can help you become more productive and less irritated at work.

  1. Workout

As mentioned earlier, surfing strengthens the surfer’s core and legs. Not only that, but it also develops the surfer’s body by constantly changing your movement while riding the board moving along the speedy waves. According to, an 180-pound person surfing for 30 to 60 minutes can burn as many as 130 to 260 calories.

  1. Muscle strengthening

Continuous paddling can strengthen our back and shoulder muscles, and it can also tone down your legs and helps build a strong core due to the balancing required once you are on the board.

  1. Improves balance

It is one of the best benefits of surfing; it helps you improve your balance. If you want to stay longer on the board and enjoy surfing more, you have to learn how to stay on the board longer. It requires strong ability to be able to maintain your balance. The benefit does not end there; you can carry this skill on to your daily life.

  1. Increased flexibility

Surfing increases your flexibility. It can help you become a better surfer and can help you avoid having injuries on and off the waves.

  1. Self-gratification

Obviously, surfing is not one of the easiest sport to enjoy. It takes a lot of effort to achieve improvement. But once you start to build the want to successfully learn this sport, the reward is just beyond explainable. You will reap all the physical and mental benefits that surfing can bring into your life. Also, knowing that only a few people know how to surf, you’ll always carry the pride of being a surfer with you, wherever the wave can take you.

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